To make full use of the upper Yangtze river economic strategy open highland, along the western national area important port, china-singapore cooperation demonstration zone, such as excellent location advantages, make full use of the west wing of chongqing comprehensive free trade zone system innovation, expanding opening, function advantages of the breakthrough, trade facilitation, chongqing acquisitive art jiuzhou international culture art development co., LTD. Based on the free trade zone on the west wing of chongqing comprehensive bonded zone comprehensive free trade zone is established with the approval of the state council, the land area with functions of bonded port areas under special customs supervision of the implementation of the bonded port area taxation and foreign exchange policies. The ziyong comprehensive bonded area has set up the five "biggest" in the whole country since its establishment, the most efficient, the largest and the largest, the latest model. Hong yi jiuzhou is planning to build the chongqing international cultural and art exhibition center in chongqing free trade zone in 2016.

The industry situation and the project introduction:

1, May 2014, the CPC central committee general secretary xi jinping record at the Shanghai international art exchange art bonded warehouse, from time to time stop to watch and listen to explain, pointed out that "this is a good thing to continue to explore".

In December 2012, the Shanghai waigaoqiao formally registered international culture and art development co., LTD., Shanghai international cultural art trading center since the establishment of the host of all kinds of large international art exhibition many times. Its main business form is the major art institutions with overseas, the auction house (such as sotheby's and Christie's, the auction house in Tokyo, Japan and other well-known auction house), the foreign imports to the bonded area within the territory of the art exhibition, appraisal, auction, discuss the dealmaking, etc; Other free trade zone in Shanghai art development center as well as integration of Shanghai and even the whole country and around the major art institutions, artists and private collectors and other works of art by the display in the zone model brought art to abroad for display, sale, trade, realize the whole process of culture introduction and derivation, this model has become the focus of the national cultural trade and the base of leading to try first. The true realization of the whole cultural trade chain international trade platform! Since the establishment of the operation, the total import and export volume of cultural and trade of Shanghai waigaoqiao international cultural and art investment has reached RMB 30 billion.

Beijing is the center of Chinese art exchange and trade, and has the advantages of the bonded area of tianzhu comprehensive bonded area. Beijing tianzhu has a simple culture industry model which mainly imports foreign art from the domestic bonded area. Usually, mainland buyers overseas pat on field after successful auction of art, can entrust overseas directly managed auction company in other cities, now have a bonded policies, some buyers will be works of art in the form of "bonded extension" stored in the bonded area within the territory of it. Beijing tianzhu bonded area cultural trade annual import trade volume has reached $1 billion, in the connection on both international and domestic art market, configuration, two kinds of resources at the same time, relying on the free trade zone "bonded" culture of preferential policies and trade facilitation measures, Beijing tianzhu free trade zone global art exchange trading data will continue to grow.

3, this project will be relying on the upstream of the Yangtze river economy economic circle, the foothold in the west, facing the whole country, to the world, whole process and convenient service for the communication of international art exhibition. Mainly covers culture art industry chain, for the cultural art market to provide comprehensive, public service platform, and committed to the development of international culture and art communication, service international culture art industry development innovation culture and art trade services. We will continue to promote the "import" and "go out" of culture, and strive to build the new international art exhibition exchange center in the asia-pacific region.