The trade minister of China and Australia signed the agreement on the free trade agreement between the two countries

On the morning of June 17, Chinese minister of commerce gao hucheng and Australian minister of trade and investment, Andrew l. Rob the national gallery of art in Canberra in Australia, representing the two governments signed the law of the People's Republic of China government and the Australian government free trade agreement and delivered a speech. Australian prime minister Tony abbott attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech.

Gao hucheng said in his speech that the signing of the china-australia free trade agreement today is a milestone in the development of china-australia relations. The two leaders are very concerned. President xi jinping, premier li keqiang and prime minister abbott have met with one of the common topics of the talks, which is to push forward china-australia fta negotiations. Thanks to the leaders of the two countries of driving force, began in 2005, the fta negotiations between the two countries finally make a breakthrough in 2014, and eventually in November when the jinping during the President's visit to Australia together with prime minister abbott confirmed and announced the end of substantive negotiations.

Gao noted that the china-australia fta has achieved the common goal of a comprehensive, high-quality and balanced free trade agreement between the two sides. It is also the overall level of China's trade and investment liberalization has been signing one of the highest the fta, the bilateral trade and investment for the future "to the next level" to establish more open, convenience and standardize the system arrangement, effective to promote further comprehensive, in-depth development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation, for the two countries economic growth continued to provide the strong power.

China is the largest developing country in the world and Australia is a developed country with important influence, gao said. The two countries are both advocates and practitioners of trade and investment liberalization and facilitation in the asia-pacific region and important economies in the world. China-australia free trade agreement between the two countries not only their free trade area construction and is of great significance in the trade and investment liberalization, and "area" common development for China initiative, docking "policy toward Asia" conception, Australia will strongly promote the asia-pacific regional economic integration, expanding common interests for region extended family members, play an active role towards a common destiny.

Abbott said in his speech, and today is one of the most important day in the history of the two countries, we witnessed the china-australia free trade agreement signed the historic moment. China-australia fta created an unprecedented opportunity for the development of the two countries, for businesses and people bring tangible benefits the two countries, it is a milestone of the friendship between both peoples, also marks the china-australia comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries to a new height. This agreement is not only significant for China and Australia, but also has a profound impact on the asia-pacific region and the global economy. I am honored today to receive a congratulatory letter from Chinese President xi jinping, who is a good friend of the Australian people. I also ask gao hucheng to send a congratulatory letter to President xi jinping to express my good wishes.

In his speech, rob also spoke highly of the china-australia free trade agreement.

Following the signing of the signing ceremony, the business community of China and Australia held a luncheon at the scene to celebrate the signing of the china-australia free trade agreement. More than 200 people, including Chinese ambassador to Australia ma zhaoxu and vice minister of commerce wang wenwen, attended the event.